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Bachata School in Turin


We offer group and individual courses, for all ages, across various levels, from beginners to the most experienced. In Caribbean dances, Salsa and Bachata, just like in other partner dances, it’s not mandatory to register as a pair; you can also enroll individually. We will ensure a balanced ratio between male and female registrants before starting the courses.


Course Levels

  • Beginners I-II-III level
  • Intermediate I-II-III level
  • Pre-advanced



Courses run quarterly up to the Pre-advanced level, then every four months from Advanced, with a minimum frequency of one day a week, classes lasting either one hour or an hour and a half.

The preparation and patience of the teachers guarantee a result for everyone, even those who don’t feel particularly inclined.


Thanks to vast experience of Technical Director Sergio Sampaoli, the methodology adopted by this school is aimed at maximising the style, elegance, and sensuality of movements; this allows students of the School to stand out with a style that is unique in Italy, and through integration of different types of dance, students are not limited to one form of movement, instead allowing you to dance with anyone and have fun.


For these reasons, in Salsa, techniques of different styles are taught, depending on the level of experience: in beginner and intermediate courses, the taught techniques tend to mix the best parts of the styles danced in different countries of the world (Cuba, Los Angeles, Colombia, Venezuela), with the execution on the musical 1.


In Salsa courses from Pre-advanced onwards, Mambo New York Style and Salsa Portoricana techniques are also taught, danced on 2 or on 6, in their characteristic execution.



If you are beginners or have already done something and don’t know which level to register for, we invite you to contact us for a free trial.


It is also possible to undertake specific competition preparation paths, for all ages and levels.


We offer special courses for children and teenagers, with specific programs and reduced costs, specifically dedicated to the youngest.


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Sensual Bachata – Fusion- Dominican

Within the Caribbean dance framework, you can also attend thematic courses dedicated to Sensual Bachata, where techniques and movements of the Sensual and Fusion Bachata are delved into, as well as the characteristic steps of the Dominican Bachata.


We offer group and individual courses for all ages and levels, from beginners to experts. In Sensual Bachata, as in other couple dances, it’s not mandatory to sign up as a couple, but you can also register as individuals. We will ensure an approximate balance in the registration between men and women before starting the courses.


Course Levels

For Sensual Bachata, we have 3 main levels, each of which has another 3 sub-levels. They range from beginners/intermediate to experts, to learn the basics and then perfect the style and body movement of the more challenging steps.

  • SENSUAL BACHATA 1 : I- II- III level
  • SENSUAL BACHATA 2 : I- II- III level
  • SENSUAL BACHATA 3 : I- II- III level



Sensual Bachata courses are bimonthly, with a minimum frequency of one day a week, lessons lasting one hour. They follow one after the other every two months, transforming, for those who wish, into seasonal courses.

Feminine Gestures/ Male Style/ Pasitos

We also offer courses to delve deeper into the style and characteristics of female movement, as well as to understand the steps and body movements characteristic for men.



For those who already have a solid foundation in Salsa, we also organize Rueda courses, which allow participants to have fun and gain greater ease, dancing Salsa in formation, with multiple couples forming a circle and continuously changing partners.


Cha Cha Cha

We dedicate thematic courses to the Cha cha cha, which, in the tradition of Caribbean and Latin-American dances, is now commonly danced in all Latin nightclubs and dance venues.

Evenings at Latin Nightclubs and On-Site

We also organize many dance evenings in nightclubs and on-site, allowing everyone to put into practice what they’ve learned in school, having fun, and meeting many new people: maximum style and enjoyment!


Since 1989, the technical direction has been entrusted to Sergio Sampaoli, a dancer and master of “Ballando con le Stelle”, multiple-time Italian and world professional champion, presenter at international conferences, who has taken over and passed on the experience of his father M.° Glauco Sampaoli, founder of the School in 1948. The School, among the most recognized in Italy, has been in Turin for almost 70 years, allowing anyone to approach dancing, starting from the beginner level.


Our motto best represents our courses:

“The Sampaoli School doesn’t just teach you the steps but gives you a style.”


The courses have LIMITED SPOTS,

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The school that doesn’t just teach you the steps, but gives you a style.

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For information and registrations: or call 011545500


Scuola di Ballo e Danza Sampaoli
The most recognized in Turin since 1948

Via Andrea Gastaldi 2
(corner of Vittorio Emanuele)


To easily find the school, from the monument on Corso Vittorio Emanuele, looking towards Porta Nuova, the first street on the right is Via Via Andrea Gastaldi; we are located near the corner with Corso Vittorio Emanuele.




Lines: 1-5-9-14-15-33-52-64-67-68

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