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The Scuola di Ballo Sampaoli was founded by the father, M.° Glauco Sampaoli, back in 1948. Over the years, thanks to the acquired experience and the adopted methodology, the school has continued to gain acclaim, becoming one of the most renowned dance institutions in Italy.


Since 1989, the artistic direction has been entrusted to Sergio Sampaoli, a multiple Italian and world champion, a featured dancer in various international congresses, and a teacher on ‘Ballando con le Stelle’ (the Italian version of ‘Dancing with the Stars’). He carries on the teachings of his father, Glauco.


For over 70 years, the Scuola di Ballo Sampaoli has allowed everyone to approach the world of dance, from beginners to the most experienced and skilled dancers.


The unique teaching methodology adopted in Italy focuses on refining the style and elegance of movements, allowing students to stand out with a style that has characterized the Turin School for decades, following the motto “not only teaching you the steps but giving you a style.”


The dedication and patience of the teachers ensure positive outcomes for everyone, even those who may not initially feel particularly talented in dance.

To easily find the school, from the monument on Corso Vittorio Emanuele, looking towards Porta Nuova, the first street on the right is Via Via Andrea Gastaldi; we are located near the corner with Corso Vittorio Emanuele.




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