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The Reggaeton is a dance whose origin can be traced back to the 90s in Puerto Rico. The origins of the music can even be linked to the Jamaican and Panamanian Reggae of the 70s. Since the 2000s, it has spread all over the world, first in America and then in Europe, becoming a completely commercial and cross-cutting genre.


Reggaeton blends Jamaican music with influences from reggae and dancehall, with rhythms from Puerto Rico like bomba and plena, and sounds typical of Hip Hop music, also drawing inspiration from Afro-Caribbean sounds, such as calypso and soca.

In recent years, it has become one of the most widespread Latin rhythms in music and music videos, not only among Latin singers. Its influences can easily be found in both Latin Caribbean dances and Hip Hop. Nowadays, almost all nightclubs, from commercial to Latin, offer a room exclusively dedicated to this dance.


The Reggaeton course is offered on a quarterly basis, with a session once a week, lasting one hour. It is available in two types, based on the age of the participants:

– Reggaeton YOUTH
– Reggaeton ADULTS

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Since 1989, the technical direction of the “Scuola di Ballo e Danza Sampaoli” has been entrusted to the extensive experience of Sergio Sampaoli, dancer and teacher of “Dancing with the Stars”, multiple-time Italian and world professional champion, present at international congresses. He has embraced and passed on the experience of his father, M.° Glauco Sampaoli, founder of the school already in 1948. The school, among the most recognized in Italy and located in Turin for over 65 years, allows anyone to approach dance, from beginners to the highest levels.


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 Expert female teachers with specific experience
Starting from 3 years of age
✅ Various course levels for children who have already taken courses
 Starting from 40 euros for a course

For information and registrations: or call 011545500


Scuola di Ballo e Danza Sampaoli
The most recognized in Turin since 1948

Via Andrea Gastaldi 2
(corner of Vittorio Emanuele)


To easily find the school, from the monument on Corso Vittorio Emanuele, looking towards Porta Nuova, the first street on the right is Via Via Andrea Gastaldi; we are located near the corner with Corso Vittorio Emanuele.




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